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Full Service Interior Design

At Town & Country Design Studio, we are creative designers as well as skilled technicians. This combination results in a holistic, detail-oriented approach. As designers, we have the ability to expertly compose materials that will feel as good as they look in your space. Our technical experience means our work is grounded in a deep understanding of construction processes, building materials, and the practicalities that will bring our vision to life.

Additional Services

Our Process

Town & Country Design Studio_Interior Design_New Jersey

Custom Pantry Solutions

Our resident pantry experts offer both custom design and organization services. Whether you're planning a brand new, functionality-forward pantry or reimagining an existing one, we can help you create sustainable systems that are as easy to use as they are to look at.


Styling Services

Styling elements and decor add so much character and livability to a home—whether you're decorating for the holidays, to complete a renovation, or to elevate your home's existing aesthetic. Our design team is available to thoughtfully source and install accessories in partnership with The Mercantile, our curated shop of homewares.

  • Phase One
    Our styling services begin in our studio as we meet for a one-on-one consultation. We use this time to learn more about you and your home and establish your budget and goals. This consultation is priced at $250 and will last one hour.
  • Phase Two
    We will then send you a design report of what we discussed during your consultation as well as some initial concepts with budget estimates. If you are ready to move forward, we will send a proposal to be signed.
  • Phase Three
    Once we've received your approval and deposit, we schedule an on-site meeting to tour your home and take measurements and photos. When we're done, we get to work planning and sourcing in accordance with our plans.
  • Phase Four
    Once all elements of our design have arrived, we install and style everything for the way that you live at home.

Our Process

Town & Country Design Studio_Interior Design_New Jersey
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